20 May2020

During COVID-19 spread around the world,

many began to be concerned about the lack of respirators. There are news about people making economical ventilators around the world, and at the same time MIT has released free information about the design of budget ventilators he had studied about a year ago in Eureka Automation. Came to study about this kind of ventilator and found that it is something that we are capable and ready to do it Therefore started a ventilator project And hope to have some or more medical help By assigning an engineering team to help study the information and design the prototype Initially, we used information from MIT as a guide, but to get a good respirator suitable for the doctor to actually use it. We therefore bring the information directly to the doctor who is in charge of this field. Until finally, we made a prototype as the consultant with the doctor came out for. And it is admired by the doctor that Eureka Automation can do exactly what the doctor said, but also with accuracy. We are therefore pleased to provide this prototype for the doctor to test for real use. To bring information back for us to improve even better, and although the situation of COVID-19 in our country is not so severe that rely on a respirator like this But the doctor said that it is useful Because it can work automatically and reliably The doctor can use this device and will have time to work with other patients as well, such as for emergency use without having to squeeze the Ambu bag all the time. Therefore able to take care of other patients simultaneously, such as injections, can be done like this for example development of this respirator is another automatic battle in many of the quality work that we have created. And the company would like to thank Doctor Thanit very much for sharing our breathing apparatus with us. We will continue to use the knowledge we have developed to provide high quality and standardized breathing apparatus.